membership settings not working

I am having multiple issues with the Membership plugin…. LOTS of trouble.

I have a fairly simple membership site. Users who are not paid members are set to an access level of ‘General Public’. I also have another access level that is for anyone who has paid for the membership. That access level is called ‘Member’.

If you are not a paid member, you will only have access to three pages: a home page specific to non-members the sign-up page and a protected content page called Members Only.

If you are a member, you have access to everything.

Here are the problems I am running into:

When I log into the website with a Members account, I am having issues accessing any blog posts. I can see the posts pages, but cannot see the individual posts. Instead, I get re-directed to the no access page. I have the access level set to have all categories and all posts checked in the positive rule (in fact, everything is in the positive rule), but cannot access any of the posts. BUT If I remove the categories from the positive rule (and don’t give them any rule) than I can see the posts.

Also, the members home page doesn’t display any content, but if I log in as an Admin, I can see everything as I want it to look.

Also, the header graphic is missing when logged in as a member. I am using shortcode to display a different header for users than for non-users.

I also at some point would like to incorporate buddypress with my membership site, but did some tests a couple week back and was having issues with the buddypress add-on not working at all. I couldn’t access any of the buddypress pages unless I would de-activate the add-on and manually assign the positive rules to the buddypress pages.

Are there any video tutorials on this plugin? I’m usually pretty good about grasping concepts with plugins, but I feel like the issues I am running into must be a user error… I am wasting a lot of hours troubleshooting with this plugin and can’t seem to get anything to work as it should.