Membership setup help needed


I assume I'm doing something wrong, due to the results I'm getting:

I've set up 2 levels of members: visitors & members (altho under Access Levels, I am unable to activate members level)

When I am NOT logged in, the restricted page I'm testing works perfectly (besides displaying the no access message 3 times - see ) but when I AM logged in, I see the no access message(s) :slight_frown:
All I've done is started the page with the [members] shortcode.

I have a different page I don't have a shortcode on, in order to test, and that displays perfectly whether I'm logged in or not, so I'm thinking that the problem comes down to not being able to activate the members Access Level, but nothing I've tried works.

Am I missing something obvious?

  • Barry
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    Can you give us as much information as possible about the options you have set and your levels / rules - screenshots are always the best for this.

    All I've done is started the page with the [members] shortcode.

    Is that a custom shortcode?

  • merylpixelmagic
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    Thanks for answering on a public holiday, Barry! :slight_smile:

    yes, that's a custom shortcode that I've created in Membership | Options

    I have 2 levels of access:

    - visitors (set up in Access Levels, active; set as Stranger level in Options)
    This is for everyone NOT signed up/logged in. I just have a few pages I don't want them to have access to.

    - members (set up in Access Levels, unable to activate)
    For anyone logged in - they can see everything.
    This has a free membership subscription option set, and a free payment gateway.

    I've created shortcodes in Options: "visitors" and "members" and set it to protect by default.
    I've protected the page I want only members to see by putting the shortcode [members] on the very first line.

    I've attached screenshots of my options page - please let me know what others you need to see?

  • Mason
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    As we haven't heard back from you we're going to assume the problem was sorted out and mark this ticket as resolved.

    If it wasn't resolved, or you have any more questions related to this thread please feel free to post them below and tick the 'Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)' box below the post area (or else we'll miss it!)

    Otherwise, thanks for using the forums, and for being a member of WPMU DEV, it's a pleasure to help you out and we look forward to being of assistance in the future.


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