Membership Shortcodes Don't Show Up

I'm following the member created video tutorial found here
-- At 6.50 mins thru we're shown how to make shortcodes appear. I follow the directions exactly and they don't appear. This is the SECOND time I'm having the very same problem (wasn't resolved last time -- this is a new install on a new URL) How can I get them to appear? thanks!
@WildT and @thoward

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi @FeleciaRose,

    I'm very sorry but the video was built using a test version of the plugin and the list of shortcodes was never actually added to that page in the final release of the plugin.

    However, these shortcodes can be seen on the Access Levels page (Membership > Access Levels) alongside each access level you have created.

    A query along these lines has previously been raised and our developers are aware of this discrepancy between our videos and the actual plugin, and the fact that the plugin states the shortcode should be listed below. We are in the process of creating new tutorial videos which will be added to the project page as soon as they are completed.

    Apologies for the confusion!

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