Membership + ShortCodes + Strangers

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I've seen several related topics, but nothing that specifically answers this.

I am trying to get the shortcode to work for strangers with BuddyPress and Membership.

The form shows up if I am logged in as an admin, but my strangers can't see the form, though the page title, etc shows up.

I've added a positive rule for all shortcodes in the stranger level, but I keep thinking I am missing something. I'm happy to provide login info for anyone who can assist.

Thanks in advance!

  • candacekthe1
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    Here's the broken example (It doesn't show the contact form):

    Plugin I am using is Contact Form 7 Version 2.4.2 and I am using the default form.

    I have a page (contact-us - see link above) and I used this shortcode: [contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"]

    I checked in my Membership/membershipincludes/plugins folder and I have a file contactsformshortcode.php, which, from what I read on here, enables the shortcode for Contact Form 7.

    It looks like (according to the code in the file above) that the shortcode should be registered.

    Line 12:
    add_shortcode('contact-form', 'M_fakecontactformshortcode');

    And now for the member part.

    I have 5 Membership Levels:


    I gave stranger access to all posts, categories, pages, and shortcodes (except the salon and stylist shortcodes I am using with the Membership plugin).

    Let me know if you need more info. I can see if A2 Hosting will let me have access to the logs.

    I appreciate it!!

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya candace,

    Thanks for all the additional information, that definitely helps.

    I'm gonna ask Barry to comment on the shortcode. I see in your rules that 'contact-form' is marked as visible. The actual shortcode being used in the post is 'contact-form 1'. I believe the membership plugin needs each individual shortcode added in order to work.

    Can you try adding 'contact-form 1' to the shortcodes section on the membership options page. Also, how do you have the 'Shortcode visibility default' set?


  • candacekthe1
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    Wow! That's interesting!

    Toggling the Shortcode visibility does work.

    In Membership->Edit Options I chose:
    Shortcodes are visible by default
    and the Contact form showed up.

    Here's why I find that odd....

    Next to that select box, it says:
    Should the shortcodes above be visible or protected by default.

    Considering that I added only the three shortcodes for my membership levels, I would think those would need to be protected by default. (I use these to switch which content a person sees)

    So do we need to add any shortcodes we want to use to that list? How will that affect restricting content using the [premium] [/premium] shortcodes?

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