membership sign up process for end user confusion

Ok, so I logged out of the admin of my site so I could go to the site and create a test account. user: josetester. So I put in the name, an email address, a password, user name. And then it takes me to this page:

Where it gives 2 options, one for basic membership and one for premium.
The thing is, I cannot figure out if the registration for basic was successful or not. It appears not to be because it lists it as an option, and yet there is no link in the chart of choices that would carry it onto an unknown next step.

the key in web navigation design is to make it as easy as possible, Don't make Me think - easy.

So can you tell me what is going on and what I can do to make it less confusing? Is josetester now a basic member? or is there another step? If so, what does he do next? If not, how to make this page less confusing or perhaps redirect him some place else so that he knows with certainty he is now a basic member and he knows what he can do next.