Membership signup process in lightbox

Hey guys, I am looking for some guidance on building a user friendly signup process with membership. I would like to create a signup process similar to the one wpmudev has.

1. I would like the user to click a signup link

2. Have a lightbox popup and present two subscription options

3. The user chooses the subscription and page 2 loads, still in the lightbox

4. Page 2 will be the registration page. Each subscription will have different registration fields as one will require more information than the other. They will have the option to register via Facebook (using the Ultimate facebook plugin) or complete the registration fields. (all of these fields will be extended buddypress profile fields)

5. Page 3: They continue and have the opportunity to donate via PayPal

6. Page 4: Last page is a Thank you and a redirect to a specific page

Any guidance will be much appreciated.

Thank you,