Membership Single Page/Post protection is not working

I wanted to protect a single page (Pages > add new) but the protection widget on the editor sidebar doesn't work, and it seems like all buttons not working too.

  • Adrian
    • The Crimson Coder

    Here is some additional details, btw, do the support guys look at these forums, or just the community? Thank you, this is a critical request.

    After we did an internal server migration in Synthesis web hosting, we experienced the following issues:

    - Visual Composer (now WPBakery) Drag and Drop Page Builder does not work on the Edit Post/Page Screen, text is also invisible on this screen
    - Membership 2 (by WPMU) does not have Protection Rule selection like it used to on the Edit Post/Page Screen
    - Site appeared to run twice as slow as before

    For testing purposes, I attempted the following actions to determine the cause:

    - Deactivated all plugins except Visual Composer (now WPBakery), left theme as Jupiter (as the Visual Composer plugin is a modified version included in the theme), and tested the Edit Post/Page screen. Drag and Drop plugin does not work. Text remains invisible.
    - Deactivated all plugins except Membership 2, disabled Jupiter theme and restored default WordPress theme, and tested the Edit Post/Page screen. Membership 2 plugin still does not work as expected. No ability to protect Posts/Pages from the Edit Screen as before.
    - Site continued to run slow with all plugins disabled and default theme applied.

    A second round of debugging, I did the following, thinking that perhaps the migration left some files behind:

    - Reinstalled WordPress core
    - Reinstalled Membership 2
    - Reinstalled various "downgraded" versions of Jupiter theme and Visual Composer (aka WPBakery plugin)

    All errors as discussed above remain.

    Synthesis sent an email confirming that they have installed PHP 7 and allocated sufficient memory to the server. Can you confirm that you are experiencing the same errors that we are and as discussed above? If so, why do we experience the errors when no other plugins or themes are activated? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I have also been reaching out to Synthesis and Jupiter, but their support so far has also been stumped.

    Support Access has been granted.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Adrian,

    Here is some additional details, btw, do the support guys look at these forums, or just the community? Thank you, this is a critical request.

    Live Chat tickets are open in our support forum, we're having unusually busy week so the answers delayed a bit.
    We do also have Members forum, which is community driven, but we don't open threads in there from chat and leave that to members as well.
    Members forums don't guarantee staff response but we do check them as often as possible.

    About your issue, I'm afraid that this is something server related, the pages take really long time to completely load but there's not much information why it's happening.
    There's nothing in console or network tabs, and debug.log only has some notices which shouldn't be causing any serious issues.

    I did notice something during the test, when I opened the page in backend the M2 options were broken, I then reloaded the page and this time they worked properly, I was even able to enable/disable it.
    However on next reload it was broken again, so I did a refresh few more times and it did load again, but while I was checking the console I noticed that Connection Lost notification in WP showed up and then the toggle button wasn't working even if it was loaded.

    This all suggests that there's something wrong with server communication and you should ask your host to check the server logs and see if they can find some further information in there.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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