Membership site and CoursePress are they compatible?

I've installed CoursePress Pro and MarketPress (as per today's blog post) and that worked a treat but what I want to do is make the site a membership site so I installed Membership 2 Pro and am now trying to work out how someone can sign up for a paid membership and automatically be signed up for a pre-selection of courses.
Is there a tutorial to do this (that's if it can be done of course). Would I still need MarketPress installed?

Many thanks


  • Michael Bissett
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    Hey @John Langer, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    Having them be automatically signed up for a course would require custom development presently (though it's definitely a cool idea!), the idea that comes to mind presently as a workaround though would be to restrict the ability to sign up for a course to a particular membership (the course itself would be free, a user just wouldn't be able to access the page without the appropriate membership).

    MarketPress wouldn't be needed in this particular use case, as it would consist of Membership 2 Pro protecting course pages. :slight_smile:

    How does this sound so far? Would you like me to elaborate further on this?

    Please advise,

    P.S. On the idea of allowing folks to be automatically registered to a course upon signup, I'd want to open a feature request for that, you can do that over here:

  • Christina
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    Hi John!

    I am doing that exact thing right now. I set up courses in CoursePress Pro and protect it with Membership 2. I followed the instructions here - HOWEVER, for paid membership set the course to being open to ANYONE, then protect the course using Membership 2. As long as someone is logged in, has the appropriate membership level, they can easily click the button to take the course. An important note is that these courses should be free in CoursePress Pro. The fee should be attached to the membership. It's a pretty simple setup once you get the hang of it. I just started using this combo last week and have a few test users. They like it so far as do I!

  • John Langer
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    Hi Michael,

    Yes if you could elaborate a bit more that would be great. Sounds like a plan! Thanks for replying.

    Sorry to mention other plugins but if you take fly plugins wp courseware. That's a similar (but not as good) plugin to course press pro. Then a membership plugin like paidmembershipspro. Fly plugins have made another free plugin that links the two together making it a membership site for courses. So what we need is a link between course press pro an the membership plugin. From what your saying, that doesn't yet exist?

    Best wishes,


  • Michael Bissett
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    Hey @John Langer,

    What @Christina had mentioned was the direction I was going to head in, glad she brought up the article we have here (and for providing the additional feedback)! :slight_smile:

    As for a link like you described, that'd be something you'd definitely want to open a feature request for (it's got my support!), that can be done over here:

    Christina, I've sent some points your way for the contribution, thanks for chiming in here! :smiley:

    Kind Regards,

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