I have an intricate 40 week double your brick and mortar revenue business plan for the locality I am physically in. I have harvested and collected data on a few thousand businesses and the emails being sent out get an incredibly strong response. The primary sale is $1395 or $495 for three monthly installments and some additional monthly payments or upsells maybe required if some businesss require very intricate websites, heavy print, one on one training, paid for seminars etc ...

I do not have teh site built but have all the content. Deliverables are a 12 week introduction and workbook for the buinesss owner after I meet with he or she personally. During the 12 weeks of a broad scope of medium, I get a feel for what they need and then have a 26 week customzed program and there are obvious upsells during the process.

Would you say that it would be O.K. to send out an email with a landing page only for the main sale of $1385, or the 3 payments ... if they say no they get one month of free member e-books and information. They can also purchase the 12-week guide including a one on one consultation for $395. I spent too much time on focus groups and want to get something up to generate some revenue prior to the larger launch. .. Is a site necessary if there is a landing page ... or maybe just a site where all the divisions and tabs are there and each page says restricted to platinum members only and just have a few pages of information and offer the free e-books while getting more emails and biz owners on a drip campaign?