membership site with "splash" registration page

In the process of creating a paid membership community site using BP Edu-Clean & WP 3.01. What I need more than anything right now is to figure out how to create a splash page that hides other features of the site and forces users to either log in or register. The page will contain the following:

Select your primary activity. Drop down list contains 6 or 8 different options.

Create new username.

Enter Password

Confirm Password

Email Address

Confirm Email address

Date of Birth


Zip Code

I agree to terms checkbox

I agree to receive email updates

Member login prompt located in upper left corner of website.

Once the account info has been submitted the user receives a followup email advising of their new account and temp password. In addition they receive a link to another form containing another set of questions and click boxes.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

1. Create a new page: titled “Welcome” and set it as the static front page.

2. Upload Contact 7 plugin and create a new form, Register.

3. Enter form code on the static page. This works OK but it doesn’t remove the header and footer.

The second thing I’ve done is download the Splash Screen plugin which doesn’t work like I need it to.

Can anyone recommend a a plan of action for these particula project?

Any responses appreciated.