Membership site with subdomains

Let’s say there’s five different membership sites, all related. And there are four subdomains on the network.
My concerns are about integration and physical location of the membership files.
My first question is where should the membership files be all in the root domain?
Or should each subdomain have the membership files for that topic located within the subdomain.
On the root domain. I would like all the memberships to be available for viewing. As that’s where most traffic will be directed.
One of the subdomains would be a forum or some kind of community “members helping members” type of site. I would like that site to be equally available to every paid membership.
It would be ideal if members could see all sites that they were prescribed to, As well as the renewal status.
I believe that it is possible to enable this subscriber to see all of his accounts using the short cods [accountform] and/or [renewform] NOT TESTED
Registration Showing Available Memberships
can I do this with the code that was supplied earlier?
by making a custom registration page.
I see a whole bunch of plug-ins labeled global –<something> I quite sure how to use them or when.

Alternatively, would you recommend not doing it with subdomains?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Ron,

    Thank you for the great question.

    Sub sites or not, single or not, I have watched many wanna be internet empires get crushed under there own weight and folks biting off way more then they can chew, as I have done myself on a couple of occasions, but lesson learned.

    With that said and directly relative to your question, when the MultiSite of memberships or MultiSite of anything goes down - all sites connected are also down.

    Of course those that are techies will not fear this knowing they will find the gremlin and patch it up, but more often then not this is an expensive proposition for those not in the know.

    I have no way to gauge your ability to troubleshoot a MultiSite installation or manipulate and modify databases, therefore with that in mind it is better to compartmentalize i.e. separate installs.

    It can somewhat be compared to integrated stereos and computers - when one piece breaks the whole thing has to go in for repair. Versus when my radio quit working I had the rest to listen to and in this case non integrated quality was far superior in every way.

    These are the big picture items to consider. Develop one at a time to perfection then start on the next - or attempt to do them all at once and risk it all falling apart possibly in one shot.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member and have a GREAT weekend!

    Cheers, Joe

  • rmahon

    Thanks Joe
    yeah, I've been there too, I've been working with multisite for three years or so. And crashed and burned a couple times. Which always made me leery of using multisite in production. Especially with doname mapping.

    One of two things has happened, I've gotten a lot smarter or it's gotten a lot more stable. I'm voting for the later.

    I started as a UNIX admin 30 years ago, was an early advocate of of structuring the data. purchased my first PC when the browser came out. That said, I haven't practiced it for the many years.

    But I do have a fantastic backup.

    The main money, is on the root domain. with the mostly free content on the subdomains until I gain experience and confidence.

    So even if the network crashed and burned. The main site would still work.

    The subdomains offer a lot of advantages. In presentation and marketing

    As I vacillated between subdomains. I noticed I had turned off global tables.

    /* start of network*/
    define('WP_CRON_CONTROL_SECRET', '92631a9d09166
    define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '198M');
    define('PO_GLOBAL', true);
    define('WPMUDEV_HIDE_BRANDING', true);
    define('WPMUDEV_APIKEY', 'Removed for security');
    define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 2);

    /* start of Membership*/
    define( 'MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_TABLES', false);

    The subdomains are all created but have no data in them. I'm thinking that's the way you integrate the subdomains with each other.

    So how do I populate them, the easiest way?
    Delete them all enable the tables and re-create them?

    Is there an alternative?
    Like, start with the main site, create a new network for the test bed?
    What would it take to integrate the two?

    Joe I appreciate your advice and your experience.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Ron,

    Thank you for the additional input which is certainly appreciated.

    So how do I populate them, the easiest way?

    Normally I have populated the sub domains by virtue of just posting the content to them like any other type of site and traditionally use URL Group to control level access.

    Delete them all enable the tables and re-create them?

    Each sub domain should indeed have its own tables so without looking at the structure of what you have there I cannot give solid advice on this one.

    Is there an alternative?

    I have a personal thing for a plugin that has in the last two years changed the way I build networks, sub sites and the entire installation that includes domain mapping within, drum roll please .... Networks for WordPress A fantastic piece of work and to date has worked like a charm.

    Like, start with the main site, create a new network for the test bed?

    Well concerning test beds and working two separate installations, I use the method of two servers being a developers dream in my opinion. This is considering that one of them is production site and the other is a rework.

    What would it take to integrate the two?

    This question I do not quite know what you are referring to, how to integrate which two?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • rmahon

    Joe, here is what I'm concerned about.
    All these subsites or subdomains are related to the original. So it's natural that some people will subscribe to more than one site.

    When I say integration, what I want is for Each subscriber to be able to see in one place all the things that they are subscribed to, and the status of each one as far as renewals, etc.

    I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around the two networks off the same site. But it sounds like a great idea. Reminiscent of the UNIX days when you had the great tools, sed,auk that could be changed together with a simple pipe, so the output of one fed the input of the other.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Ron,

    Thank you sir for the additional input and sharing your concerns.

    When I say integration, what I want is for Each subscriber to be able to see in one place all the things that they are subscribed to, and the status of each one as far as renewals, etc.

    This will be the hard one to accomplish and I have no idea how that will be managed.

    I do know that for Membership itself many are pushing for a status screen similar to what you have described but to the best of my knowledge it has not been accepted to be developed.

    Regarding the networks, I have several of them running off one WordPress installation to include one of them being a Buddy Press installation. No I have not tried multiple Buddy Press installations since the last time I tried about a year ago the network crashed and burned due to Buddy Press not being truly MultiSite compatible.

    That about wraps this ticket up form what I can tell.

    If not feel free to check mark it as not resolved below and post the current situation and I will certainly get back to you.

    Cheers, Joe

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