Membership stage 2 redundant if just using for Free?


I am using Membership to allow registered users to have access to certain pages and buddypress features.

When you are registered you get access. In the future I will expand to include a paid subscription but that is not required now.

So, because there is only one option at stage 2 – choose the free subscription model, is it possible to by pass the step 2 section?

It is confusing and unnecessary to be sent to press the free subscription button straight after registering (especially as it is a paypal button)

Step 2. Select a subscription

Please select a subscription from the options below.

Free Subscription

Any suggestions?



  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Elliot :slight_smile:

    well sir I would have to say that this would require custom coding which is not supported here in this forum.

    However, coming soon is a brand new re-work from the ground up of the Membership Plugin.

    Therefore with that being said unless you want to do custom coding, I would recommend living with it for awhile until the new release comes out – then things like this we can easily get the Developer thereof to address.

    Idea: You may want to just change the graphic for PayPal with a custom graphic of your that says something like “registration complete click here to continue”

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • nalts
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Elliot-

    One reason you may not want to go the route you’re think of is so you can capture the contact information of your subscribers and start building your mailing list.

    I would describe it as registering for free to allow access to all of the great free content. Give your subscribers a reason to join, and they will.

    Good luck!

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