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Ok. I have 3 membership levels - visitors, free and premium. Visitors so people can see our basic info about the show, free for people who want to comment but not pay, and premium for paying members. In subscription plans, I am trying to set it up so that people can have a Monthly Subscription at $6/mo. What I am confused about is which "membership levels" do I pull over to the starting point and in which order?

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    Ok, I think I figured out the issue with subscriptions not being created. Not sure which of these fixed it. I went to Membership>Options>Advanced> and clicked on Repair membership tables. Then I found a previous post where I was advised that I need to also activate a free payment gateway since one of the levels I am offering is free. Once I did all that, I tried to create a membership level and now it is showing up in the dashboard>membership>subscription plans as well as on site/register.

    I still feel like I am poking around here, not sure if I am understanding the thing about pulling starting point thing. So here's the thing... I created "Level 1 Annual Subscription" and pulled in Free and Premium. The premium though is highlighted in pink. Hmmm. What am I doing wrong here. The wording on it makes me think that if someone is a premium member, since I want them to have access to free content and premium content, then I pull both over. But is it that I just pull the premium level over to the starting point and then set what they can access in the access levels section?

  • Tom Eagles
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    The best way to approach this is to look at it like this

    a)basic feature set
    b)level 1 feature set
    c)level 2 feature set

    Free gets a
    flevel 1 member a+b
    level 2 a+b+c

    set your subsciption plans to include the level they are on plus the level(s) below theirs.



  • Tom Eagles
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    No problems ya welcome and thx for the cookies :slight_smile: If you have any specific questions on the plugin its better to start an individual thread on each one, makes it easier for us to keep track on what issues etc are open/ closed without digging through threads and it allows us a faster response time on your posts :slight_smile:



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