Membership status

On Jan 3, I sent the following email to the link provided in the email that I received regarding the charge to my cc re: membership. I have not yet received a reply. Can you please tell me the status of my membership and how you will handle my billing.
I purchased one of your plug-ins in December, then a few days later, I purchased another one requiring that I upgrade to a 'full' membership which I did - at the time I chose monthly. Today, I received an email that I was charged $19.00 for just the one plug-in. I checked my account yesterday and saw that I was not going to be charged again until the 7th, so decided to wait another day to think about what I wanted to do...
I want to upgrade to the full yearly membership, so now that you've already charged me $19, will you credit that toward the yearly amount. Please let me know how I should proceed.
Thank you!"