Membership stops Multisite User Management from working

Multisite User Management is a plugin that provides for adding user Roles to various sites.

In my Multisite environment I use it to assign a new User a Role for the Primary site when Registering on a subsite (the subsites are on Membership but not the Primary site)

With the Membership plugin enabled Multisite User Management does not work. Registering a user on a subsite is not added to the Primary site.

It would be great if this code work. We are banging our heads on it now.

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  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hi Eric!

    Have you tried to enable the Multisite Options for Membership?

    We've recently added them to the FAQ, however we ask that you only use them if you are comfortable with supporting the results, it's a bit advanced :slight_smile:

    Here is the excpert from page 61 in the usage manual

    Can Membership installation control access to my Multisite Sites?
    Out of the box, no - it will be set up as individual membership sites.
    The following is for ADVANCED users who can support their installation once they make
    these changes. There is no documentation on how this will affect your site, please do not
    proceed with this unless you are sure you can service your issues.
    You can set the plugin to use "global tables" which will enforce it to use a common single
    set of tables for the entire network, then when you network activate it will run across the
    whole network as a single membership system and be managed via the network admin
    The define you need to set is in membershipincludes/functions/membershipconfig.php
    (along with a few others you can tweak) - you can also set them in your wp-config.php file
    to ensure they stay across updates:
    define( 'MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_TABLES', true);

    Will this be helpful?

    I'm afraid we cannot troubleshoot the other plugin. Very sorry.


  • Brian Durost
    • Recruit

    This would be great to get fixed. When a new user creates an account and pays to access the site it assigns them to that site and as a premium members, however it doesn't assign a user role. If you have php if statements in your template that rely on showing menus and other information based on role, this will be a roadblock.

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