Membership subscribers didn't transfer when upgrading to Membership2

I recently upgraded to Membership2. I kept my existing membership levels (that had a total of 5k member users. However, now none of my users are assigned a membership level.

I know how to add individual users using the Membership>Add User function, however, with over 5k users that will take a lot of time.

Please help!!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Gary!

    The site in question: is this a single or Multisite WordPress install? If Multisite, is Membership 2 working on "per-site" basis or is defined to work "side-wide" (so you set rules for entire network)? Please advise!

    Also, would you mind if I took a closer look at your site? In order to do this, please grant me a support access to it via our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin by following this guide:

    It would be great if you could create a database backup of your current setup prior to granting me an access. The generic backup procedure (which I'd suggest in this case) is described here:

    Best regards,

  • GaryB
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Adam, I've created admin access, however, I misread this thread and thought it was a different issue. Here is what I was running into and how I (think) I fixed it:

    - I had nearly 6,000 registered users on the site, of which 5,000 turned out to be spam users (this won't be a problem in the future after installing Wangguard)
    - It took me 2 full working days, but I managed to delete all of the spam users

    Because of the large amount of spam users, when I upgraded from Membership to Membership 2 it hung up in the middle of the upgrade and eventually timed out. This resulted in the plugin being upgraded successfully but non of the subscription information transferred over for the users.

    Since there are now only 800 or so real registered users we can now go in and add them to the correct subscriptions (it will still take some time as there are 45 pages of them, but it is much more doable than upgrading 6,000!).

    So this issue is resolved. However, I started 2 threads dealing with a new issue that exists. Now that I got all of the users all cleaned up, I decided to test out the functionality of a new user registering and selecting a free subscription.

    2 full workdays later and I still can't get it to function correctly. Whenever a user clicks on the registration link in the protected content page (or any other registration link that exists), it takes them directly to the registration page and bypasses the page where they can select a membership. The result is that now we cannot even have anyone register for the site at all as the registration page keeps looping back to itself when the user clicks the "sign up" button.

    I've tried every possible combination of default registration pages in Buddypress and Membership. There is conflicting documentation on WPMU - the usage docs for the Plugin say to use BuddyPress to sign up Members but there is another support thread says that you should delete any BuddyPress registration pages in order to get Membership to work correctly.

    Now we are reduced to having potential users call into our office so that we can add them manually.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Gary,

    Thanks for your replay!

    I'm glad you managed to resolve that initial issue. Actually over 6,000 "spammy" users could pose some issues here. Wanguard should indeed prevent such registrations in future, a simple captcha itself should also significantly limit unwanted registrations.

    As for register page. I visited your site and tried to access registration via red "Register Now" button but this redirected me to a non-existent /register-2 page. I've then accessed your site and noticed that the Membership 2 Pro plugin was set to use /register-m2 page registration page but there was no content at all.

    I've edited that page for you by
    - switching Visual Composer to "Classic mode" for "register-m2"
    - then switching WP editor to "Text" and
    - adding following shortcodes:

    [ms-note type="info"]We have the following subscriptions available for our site. To join, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the registration details.[/ms-note]

    The "[ms-membership-signup]" shortcode must exist as a part of M2 registration page. This produced a page with a full signup form available (including pre-defined BuddyPress x-profile fileds as Membership 2 is able to pick those up) with a subscription choice list.

    I have also assigned "/register-bp" page as a BuddyPress registration page and removed Membership 2 Pro shortcodes from there. Membership 2 actually plays well with BuddyPress so the only important thing here is to make sure that the same page is not assigned for both plugins. Membership 2 Pro will "take over" and also pick up BuddyPress x-profile fields. You can select which of these fields should show up on "Membership 2 -> Settings -> Profile fields" page.

    That said, the "register" link on protected pages now seem to be working fine. I think what's left now, would be to change link for "Register now" button on home page (so it would lead to /register-m2 page) and optionally add some CSS styles to registration form if necessary.

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Gary,

    Free version of M2 has larger version number than the Pro version, this is the way we had to go when switching from M1 to M2 on, so if M2 and WPMU DEV dashboard are both deactivated WP will check for new version and update your pro version to free.

    If you keep them active you shouldn't have these issues anymore.

    Best regards,

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