Membership Subscription and Pay Pal Single Payment Issues

After many frustrating days of reading posts on this forum, Wordpress and Buddypress, I am still unable to resolve this particular issue. My Test User registers, with a coupon, and pays through Pay Pal successfully, yet is not assigned a Subscription or Membership level, even though the Pay Pal receipt shows the name of the subscription.

My clients want a closed Membership site for a type of on-going online training with 2 levels of Membership. A Basic membership for $14.00 and an Advanced membership for $19.00. The only difference between the two will be access to a private group, weekly teleseminars and related documents/downloads for the Advanced members.

I have a Single Site with Buddypress and Membership. I am not using a Buddypress Theme, but am using the Buddypress Template Pack with BP Compatibility enabled.

In my set-up:

Settings: Anyone Can Register is Unchecked (Also tried checking it)

New User Default Role is Member (I also tried using Subscriber)

The Homepage is set-up as static with the Register page.

Discussion - Comment author must fill out name and e-mail is checked (Tried it both checked and unchecked)

Users must be registered and logged in to comment - Tried this both ways. With it unchecked my test User showed as Inactive after subscribing. With it checked, User showed as Active. In either case, neither showed a Subscription or Membership Level or Gateway.

My Permalinks are set to Postname.

In Buddypress I am only using Forums for Groups.

I will also be using Buddypress Docs for Groups, where Advanced Subscription specific content will be kept.

There is a Main Group and a Group for the Advanced Members set-up. Members will also be allowed to create their own little groups, if they so desire.

Under Buddypress

Registration -None- is selected for associated page and

Activate is unchecked.

In Membership:

Level 1 (Re-named Basic) access level only blocks access to one particular Group and the Wordpress Dashboard and associated links (i.e. no access to the Profile link that takes them to the Wordpress profile, because I have custom fields set in Buddypress that do not show up in the Wordpress profile and it will be confusing to our Users.)

Most all of the user activity will be occurring in the Group forums and the Chat. While I know that the Group access can be controlled through it's settings, it seems to be the only way that I can see to differentiate the two via Membership.

Level 2 (Re-named Advanced) access level has access to everything, except Wordpress Dashboard and associated links.

I am using the Pay Pal Single Payment Option (Live) and it is the only Gateway Active.


Basic is set at Serial with renewal at 30 days for $14.00 is Active and Public.

Advanced is set at Serial with renewal at 30 days for $19.00 is Active and Public.

I also set up a test coupon because my client(s) have already charged and received payments from some existing members of their previous tele-course for the upcoming site - ahead of time! (Argh!)

I'm still trying to figure out how to get those specific members registered at the subscription level they purchased and be able to have renewal notifications sent to them when their first month is up.

My idea is to provide them with a coupon of $18.75 for Advanced and $13.75 for Basic. Of course, it took a lot of reading on these forums and brain-hammering to get the whole Coupon thing worked out. I initially tried giving a 100% discount coupon or the total price off - which did not work.

I finally got the coupon to show after adding it during registration and be calculated on the Pay Pal checkout page only to discover that even though payment was made and accepted successfully through Pay Pal, and the Test User was re-directed to the Welcome page, the User is not assigned any Membership or Subscription Level or Gateway payment, as shown in the Membership All Users.

I had set up the Pay Pal IPN with

In the Pay Pal IPN History, messages for my test orders showed a 408 Request Timeout (The client did not produce a request within the time that the server was prepared to wait.)

The Url in the history showed this link:

Notification URL -

I tried removing the IPN and it still does not work.

I've checked the Membership tables and they all appear OK.

During all of the testing over the past several days, I had deactivated and reactivated both Buddypress and Membership.

My other currently active plugins include:

AG Custom Admin
All in One SEO Pack
BuddyPress Toolbar
Custom Content Dashboard Widget
Hide Admin Bar Search
Login Logo
Quick Chat
Simple Local Avatars
Ultimate Branding

One other issue I have is that the buttons on the Registration pages are white, though functioning, but when I had deactivated Buddypress, they were blue. I'm guessing that is a CSS issue somewhere... It's not vital at the moment, because I really need to get the Membership plugin to function properly in respect to payments and subscriptions asap.

I hope someone can assist me soon, because my clients are getting a bit anxious to see my progress and I really want that part of the site functioning before they come in to check things out.

I'd be happy to send wplogin info to a tech.

(P.S. I took screenshots earlier, but have since made changes to test, which didn't help, and I wanted to get this posted before I went to sleep.)

Many thanks!