Membership Subscription no upgrading after payment

I had another topic for this but it seemed to have gotten lost, so here goes again.

I'm using the Paypal Single Payment Gateway. (I tried express as well)
I'm not in sandbox mode (live site)

When a user registers for the Free membership everything works fine. Their account is created and they see what they should

When a user purchases the $10 dollar subscription first (as they register) they get appointed no subscription level (it's blank) or access level. Payment comes through via paypal, but paypal transaction log under in wordpress is blank.

When a FREE user upgrades by purchasing the $10 subscription, payment goes through via paypal, but the users subscription isn't upgraded, and the paypal transaction log is blank on the wordpress site.

So, there seems to be an issue with paypal communicating with my membership plugin. Can someone PLEASE help me!