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I have set up a membership subscription that gives a new member 15 days free and then it charges them $9.99 every month after that. I'd like to run a promotion where they get 3 months at 50% off and then starts billing them at $9.99/mo

I am not sure if I should set up a separate subscription for the 50% off promo or if I can use the current subscription I have set up and apply a discount.

I'd like ot make this as easy as possible for our new members as well as not lose any of our current members who are going through the 15 days free option.

Which way do you suggest setting this up? How to I insure that my current subscribers don't lose their subscription status? If I change the subscription level of the 15 days for free to inactive, will they not continue through the process of rolling over to paying $9.99/mo?

At this point the only subscription I can get to show up is the 15 days for free.

Thanks for your help,

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Martiel

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    A coupon can only be set to apply to certain access levels within subscriptions. So as you want to apply it to the first 3 months, those 3 months would need to be a different access level type than the other access levels in your subscription.

    So you would first need to add a Finite level at the beginning of your subscription with a duration of 3 months. Then either set the price of that access level to the discounted price you want, or create a coupon for that subscription & access level.

    If you create a coupon for it though, be sure there are no other Finite levels in that subscription, or the coupon will apply to those levels too.

    Example of a subscription with the first 3 months free here:

  • Martiel

    Hi Patrick,

    Thank for the help. So this makes sense to me, I have a new subscription configured. Thanks for clarifying. So I'm concerned about one thing though... (see attached screen shot)

    I have current members subscribed under this subscription what I'll refer to as the 15 days free and this subscription is currently set to private. However, it's the only one showing up.

    How do I fix that?

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