Membership / Supporter integration addon v0.1a

Hi gang

I’ve attached to this post an early version of a membership add-on that enables some form of integration with our supporter plugin. It should initially only be used on a test install until you’ve run through some test to make sure it’s working as you expect on your system.

It functions as follows:

1. Individual subscriptions can be marked as being “Supporter Integrated” – those that are not marked as such will function in the same way as they currently do.

2. Marked subscriptions will, when a user is added / signs up to and progresses through the levels of, will update the supporter expiry date of the users site / blog based on the period length of the level they are moving to. This works with finite and serial levels, I still have to implement indefinite levels.

3. The blog / site that is extended is identified initially as the one marked as their primary_blog (wp_usermeta) for which they have an administrator role.

4. The blog / site to be extended can be overridden by selecting a new blog / site from the users profile / user_edit screen – the user can select the site themselves, or an admin user can do it.

To install the add-on, download the zip file attached to this post and uncompress it. FTP / copy the file to your membershipincludes/plugins directory.

Please do let me know any feedback on it’s use and anything we can add to integrate the two plugins further.

  • georgef
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Just setting this up on a test site, but here’s a question…

    Does the membership plugin have complete control over the supporter with this?

    And what happens when someone clicks on the options from a blog to upgrade to a supporter?

    Does that redirect to the actual membership level?

    Let’s say I only want to offer a paid subscription through the membership plugin, nothing else.

    So a new member signs up, decides that they won’t take a membership just yet. They grab a blog, etc..

    Then see the supporter / PRO option from their wordpress dashboard and click to do an upgrade…

    What happens there?

    Maybe this is worked out as I havent tested, but thought I’d ask nevertheless.



  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot


    At the moment this is from the membership side only, so runs in parallel – the current support menus / pages are still there – we need to add in the ability to remove or override those if you want to run everything through membership alone.

    I’ve added in filters to key membership functions so i can override them with supporter based information – those will be in shortly.

  • HamRadioDude
    • HummingBird

    I have downloaded this and went to add it to the membership plugin and noticed it was already there did a winmerge compare and yes almost the same with 3 changed line (probably Fixes)

    If this has been added to membership 2.06 Can we close this? or am I wrong and it has not been added?

    Also Not seeing the Switch to turn it on where would it be located if its in the membership plugin already.

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