Membership: The Return of the Multiple Subscription Levels

(I posted this as part of another topic but it was marked resolved so I wasn’t sure if it would show up yet.) I am a new user (thanks for the welcome) and am wondering if the multiple subscription form idea is in beta2 – I can’t find it yet if it is.

Basically what I want to do as part of the pre-launch phase is give a lower price subscription to certain close friends, and once they have subscribed I want to give them a different subscription form/code with a slightly higher price (but still discounted) they can offer to their friends. So I need to be able to offer either invite codes tied to different pricing tiers, or different subscription forms. Or, what’s the work around?

  • Mason
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    Hiya justin,

    The discount codes and (I believe) the multiple subscription signup forms are coming for the final release of 2.1. I’ll ask the developer to confirm that. However, neither exist in a ‘fully realized’ way at this point. There’s no work around. These components are literally being written at the moment.

    When they’ve been added, we’ll update the forums as well as put a proper release up online which you’ll be able to get directly in your WordPress dashboard. Thanks for your interest and your patience as we bring some exciting enhancements to the membership plugin!

  • Barry
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    Thanks. Is there any idea of a timeline on the 2.1 release?

    Tis coming, tis coming – the (earlier than i expected) release of wp3.2 mean’t I had to shuffle some things to get the 2.1 beta version that worked on 3.2 out quickly.

    Am back with the roadmap now, so expect some big updates over the next beta or two.

  • prooffairy
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    |Did this actually happen in 2.1? And if so, how do I set up different forms? I have three levels of membership with different subscription periods (1, 3, 6 and 12 month) on each. Want to be able to show the 4 level one subs on one form, level 2 options in another etc.

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    You can have a look at this

    I am still waiting a response from barry, but it basically does what the subscription page does, except you choose the subscription to show.

    I haven’t got far with it as you can see – end of the year is always a busy time and I haven’t been able to really find any time to focus on this. In the post above, you will see I suggest a single page to handle the generation of the subscription buy now button. This is ideally the best way to handle it, but single buy now buttons are second best.

    Anyways, I have been waiting for multiple subscrptions for like ever :wink: So will watch this topic as well to see what barry has to say.

    Sidenote: You can use the above with private memberships. Meaning they won’t show on the standard subscriptions page, but they will show using the post I linked to code.

    Also, this is pretty raw still, not 100% tested, and doesn’t work with free subscriptions. But it uses the current built in code, it only filters it if you will.


    [buynow sub_id="4"]

    will show the buynow button of subscription id 4 – see images in the post I linked too :wink:

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