Membership to Control Who can Edit Posts & Pages

Hey All,

I have kind of an interesting request. I am looking to figure out a way to control who can not only view certain pages, but edit those pages as well. I am looking at the membership plugin and it appears to have that ability... I think. Here is what I have done and some questions. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give to point me in the right direction.

Network Info: 3.3.1 with around 2400 sites on it and just over 5000 users.

1) Create ability to allow anyone that logs in to see a page. That one was pretty easy. I created a URL group and put the URL of the page I want to protect in there. Then I create a Visitors Access Level and excluded that one URL group. Seems to work great.

2) Lock down access to certain pages to certain users. Create a Access Level, and put the pages in the positive rules. Go to Visitors access and exclude the pages from that one.

Problem: I have some custom post types, but those don't seem to appear in the Access Levels on the right hand side. How can I exclude/include custom post types, or categories from those custom post types?

3) Give rights to edit certain pages to certain users. I figure I need to have custom roles for this so I activated the members plugin I created a special role that can edit posts, and gave that role rights to certain pages. I then activated the "Integrated WP Roles" add-on and created an Access Level to go along with this new group. Again I am having problems because this is a custom post type. But will do more testing here.

4) Allow user to edit a single page/post. This one I'm not sure about. Would I use the members plugin and then make the user the author and give them rights to edit their own posts/pages? Thoughts about how I might accomplish this last one?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer.