Membership to MailChimp auto sign up ping

I hadthis working just fine and then tday things stopped. I had used the 1.3 version apprantly, so perhaps the 2.0 is now the only version?

I looked through all the posts I could find on this, tried changing everything and nothing works.

one BIG proble with your Q&A forum/support is there is NO DATES int he search results which mean I get to spend gobs of time sifting through potentially highly irrelevant information

Anyhow, I get several different errors this one now being

"name":"ValidationError","error":"You must specify a id value"}

I am not passing a variable name, this is what I ave


I would also like touse the other variables in your doc about opt in etc.. but I removed them in case there is some kind of problem.

Anyone point me to something concrete that will help?