Membership to restrict Custom Post Type

Hi, could anyone kindly assist me in implementing Membership to restrict members from posting unless they upgrade? I can provide more details if needed.

  • Mason
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    Hiya jasonnathan,

    With membership, you could create a negative admin rule for at a certain level and then turn it on for the 'upgrade' level. That should take care of it for you, unless I'm missing something about what you're looking for.

    Sure, more details are generally helpful :smiley:


  • jasonnathan
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    Thanks masonjames, Say for example I have a custom post type for classifieds. I would like to restrict members from posting their own classifieds until they upgrade to a subscription. How do you think I should go about implementing it?

    Are there any such rules existing in the membership plugin that I could use? Because from what I see, it restricts access to content more than creation of content.

    Perhaps it might be easy to create a custom rule but since there really isn't much documentation for the API, I would appreciate if someone could instead point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • jasonnathan
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    Just to add on, I appreciate the fact that the plugin is documented. I also know that there is a Classifieds Plugin. However, that doesn't exactly meet my needs and I have already created a custom post type that does.

    I looked at the supporter plugin's "supporter-write.php" but that unsets the menu-items from wp-admin. This wouldn't be feasible as my plugin is a post type! :slight_smile: So edit.php is needed.

    I had a quick read at membership rules, I think it should be simple enough to create a custom rule.

    So the question really is, what would the functionality be to restrict posting. Also, my plugin includes a front-end posting page, makes it a little more complicated...

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