Membership - Trouble Setting Up & Implementing

I'm having some trouble setting up the Membership plugin and implementing how our client needs to use it.

Specifically, I'm running into problems with the (1) user sign up, payment, login; and (2) members-only area. Details include:

User Sign Up, Payment, and Login (ideally would like it almost exactly like here at WPMU Dev)

-We would like there to be three pages (sign up, subscription/payment, confirmation), but I can't find where I can set the user sign up page (name, email, etc.)
-Also, does this plugin enable me to set up the login box? Similar to the login area at the top of the WPMU Dev homepage would be ideal

Members-Only Area

-Is it possible within this plugin to set up a members area that has document sharing/posting functionality? Via a discussion forum would be okay
-Aside from one-year subscription fees, we would also like to sell miscellaneous items (e.g. reports) and have discounts (e.g. for event tickets). How can these one-off items be set up in this area?

Thanks very much in advance for the support!

  • Philip John


    It's not possible to set up the registration in the way you desire I'm afraid. What we use here is a modified version of Pro Sites.

    Membership doesn't provide login tools either as other than the necessary registration it really only deals with backend, not fronted, functionality. That's something you'll want to incorporate into your theme.

    Yes, you can absolutely set up a members only area - that's partly the intended use.

    To sell one off items I'd recommend using MarketPress to sell products within your members area.


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