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Alright, after searching, I didn't find the exact answer to what I was looking for, some close, but not exact, so I figured I'd post and fish for an answer.

I run an existing hosting company and what I'm thinking of doing, is something like resellers panel is doing or have implemented, here's the link to their setup and details: They set someone up as a reseller (free or paid) and they will get a wordpress site included for them free of charge, that ties into the API backend for offering their services, hosting, domains, etc.

I'd like to set up a multi-site (if this is the best route) to allow people to sign up for an affiliate/reseller account (which does not provide them hosting, just the tools to sell my products), more like an affiliate site, that they can market with their own TLD if desired (domain mapping).

Here's what I'd like to do (2 options), maybe thats the best way. A person, interested in making money by selling hosting/domain services but isn't interested in setting up the site themselves, so they sign up for a free account and then they market the products that I have on their MU site and I pay them a commission for selling my services. This sounds more like an affiliate type site than anything else.

Additionally, I'd like to have resellers that ALREADY HAVE a true reseller hosting account (paid) with me, to give them this site, with special features, plugins, etc. (possibly pro sites here?) so that anyone that is signing up for the "free" sites will have an incentive for signing up themselves for a PAID reseller account on my hosting.

I currently use the WHMCS integration on my existing site - and can't move away from that. This will be specifically for resellers (paid) and anyone that wants to market my products without an account, *but* would like to have a site already created for them, with my content for my hosting services, ready to go.

Boy, I hope that makes sense.... suggestions on the setup, plugins, themes, etc. would be great. If this has to be two separate installs for the affiliate and reseller setup, that would be great to know as well.

Lastly, I already have and am using the WHMCS affiliate program and I don't want to manage 2 affiliate programs by using the WPMUDev affiliate plugin, sorry.

Thanks to all in advance,

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Matt! Happy Saturday.

    If I'm hearing you correctly, I think you can do exactly this, with your current affiliate program, by using our Pro Sites plugin, optionally in conjunction with Membership.

    Your second-level affiliates could purchase a pro-site from you, and you can control how much access they have to the sites they purchase, which you can increase with higher costs. That way, too, you could make sure that before a Pro site went to a new owner, all the affiliate codes from WHMCS were in the right place, and prevent your site buyers from removing them with access restriction.

    Is that what you're looking for?

  • Matt

    I may have over thought this :slight_smile:

    So I'm trying to wrap my head around this.

    So I'd need to set up a multisite installation, then install pro sites and the membership plugin. Use the pro sites to set up the 2 levels, one free, one upgraded (when they paid to become a reseller, they get the upgraded wp install for free, but this is ONLY when they paid for a reseller hosting account)

    Simply use only those two plugins to manage the sites (of course with domain mapping for the upgraded)

    This will allow me to provide content to them, such as plans, details, pages, etc. to the free and paid sites then? I guess I'm wondering how they would get the content (for instance, this is the main site that I want to provide the content for, - I'm in the process of redeisigning that as well).

    Thanks for your quick response :wink:

  • Michelle Shull

    We may both be overthinking this, so let's keep talking it out. : )

    I think, maybe, you won't even need Membership. Pro Sites is pretty robust (I've been learning it just this week, and it's a powerful tool.), it allows you to control access to just about everything behind the scenes for the admins who run your Pro Sites, you could create as many completely custom levels as you can think up. For what you propose here, you could offer just a bare-bones WP to your free level folk, and a fully-loaded powerhouse to your paid folk.

    Now if you wanted to get fancy, you could do Membership to manage the content on your primary site, so you could offer ala carte type content to users based on what membership level they purchased.

    But to your first point, yep, definitely get everything ready for multi-site first, check to make sure all your Is are dotted and your Ts are crossed, then start configuring Pro Sites.

    Good luck! This sounds like a really great project!

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