Membership - unable to delete Subscription Plan

I think that a couple of problems I am having are related.

First off, I was having a problem with Membership not displaying a button for the FREE account signup.

Nothing I could do would fix it.

So I went to delete the subscription plans ( I had three ) and only two of them will delete.

The other one says it was deleted, but it is still there ( and that is the one that would not display the signup button ).

I have ran the verify and repair functions, but to no avail.

As an aside, it shows there are users in the plan (although I had deleted the users).

Any ideas where to go from here?


  • DavidM
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    That definitely sounds like a database issue if the plugin is still showing members in the list but they're been deleted.

    Could you let me know first off, what versions of WordPress and Membership you're using?

    And with that, you said you tried the Verify and Repair add-on, did that show any issues at all?

    Also, have you by any chance upgraded from the Lite version of Membership? If so, could you please ensure you've got that deleted from your plugins folder? That'll help avoid any confusion with that.


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    WordPress 3.3
    Membership Premium 2.1.4

    Lite was never installed.

    Verify and Repair shows everything as Ok.

    FWIW, the same database record that is giving the problem will allow me to toggle between public and private, but not active and inactive.

    I assume this is because it thinks there are still members on that plan (which is also why I can't delete it).

    If I check members for the site, there are none and there are no users, but the subscription says there are two users on it.

    I had been working out some issues with the registration and was having to delete the test user.

    That brings me to one other issue - a potential show stopper from my using Multisite at all.

    If an E-mail address was used on another site of the multi-site install, I get an error that it was already used and can not be used again.

    I've done some Googling on it and it would appear that the E-mail address has to be unique for a password reset since WP is sharing the database table between sites.

    While I can appreciate the convenience of this on a blogging network, it fairly renders WP Multisite useless in a commercial environment.

    If a visitor registers on (one commercial entity - redirected from an external URL to and via some chance winds up at (another commercial entity - redirected from an external URL to , they should be able to use their same E-mail address again. Otherwise they will be wondering who has stolen their E-mail address or hacked their account.

    This is a rather simple problem to fix it seems as WordPress Multisite would need to use a two-part key ( the SiteID and the E-mail address ) instead of just the E-mail address.

    Buf if there is no fix or workaround for it, then I am afraid that my use for and interest in Multisite is done.

    For me, the whole purpose of using Multisite is to be able to use one install of WP, and manage and control the plugins used (as well as easily keep them updated).

    But the "E-mail already used" bit is 100% a show stopper.

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    BTW - on the reuse of the E-mail addresses, this should be easy to fix ( from WP ) in that an option gets added at the Network level to allow shared logins or not.

    If enabled, the same setup as exists now is used.

    If disabled, then the two-part key is used to make the address unique to the site where it was registered.

    That should make it workable in both camps.

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    Hi David,

    Any word on this?

    I'm dead in the water here and do not really want to delete and re-install everything.

    I assume that removing the plugin is not going to remove the tables, so removing and re-applying it would not fix the membership plugin.

    As for the E-mail issue, that is definitely a problem (and IMHO a great opportunity for you guys to shine if you can provide a solution in your membership plugin.

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    Are you folks back to work yet?

    This project is dead in the water right now so I either have to know how to fix the membership database, delete the files so I can start over or else I have to delete the entire Wordpress install.

    If I have to do that - I won't be putting any of your tools back into it.


  • DavidM
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    Hi LANSRAD, sorry for missing your updates here. The email issue does seem like a totally reasonable one to look into. Could I get you to create a new thread for that in specific? It'll really help to keep the topics focused.

    As for the database issue, I'm afraid it sounds like somethings amiss in your database tables that the Verify and Repair Add-on can't seem to fix. Could you try going into your site's database via phpMyAdmin and deleting all tables with the wp_m_ prefix?

    If you've got a different database prefix than wp_ you can replace that wp_ part as needed, so yourdb_m_ for example.

    Membership stores all that content in independent tables and deleting them does seem like it'd sort the issue here as it definitely seems like something either got corrupted or simply went awry.


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