Membership updated, now protecting theme homepage slider

Hi, I just updated Membership plugin to My theme has an image slider on the homepage. The images are fed from a category called Featured Slider. I have 26 images selected to be in the slider, in random order. After the update to the latest Membership, the Featured Slider category does not function in on the homepage slider correctly. It only shows the pasts posts added in order. (which is below in the recent posts section anyway).

The strange thing is it works properly,when I am logged in as an ADMIN. It does not work for free access, or for subscribers logging in.

I have this category in my Free Access level and also Paid User level (and ticked). Basically it should be shown all the time. How can I fix it?
the first 4 in the slider should be Worm Hunters, Little Miss Dewey, Green, and Gardens of Destiny.

I have tested in 4 browsers, but again, I can only see the 4 mentioned above when logged in as Admin. Suggestions? Thank you.