Membership- upgrade buttons not showing on subscription page while using chrome

I am running membership and noticed that the upgrade buttons do not show in Google Chrome.

Currently, my test account is a free member and on the subscription page, I can see all other levels "Move to: level" etc. however the button does not show up.

Couple questions:
1) could the button physical dimensions cause an issue when displaying? Note the sign-up buttons show fine on the register page.
2) the paypal express gateway allows the user to designate sign-up, renew/upgrade and cancellation buttons but I notice that 2CO only has one option. Does this mean that when using 2CO, the user will not see an option for upgrade or cancel?

I am currently only using the 2CO method due to the fact that the paypal express checkout was multi-page. I am curious if it could be simplified similar to the simple 2CO checkout. I was using the express gateway due to a need to process automatic recurring billing.

As for 2CO, is there a way to redirect the user back to the website after the purchase like PayPal does?