Membership upgrade/subscription buttons are not working

Hello WPMU Dev Community,

We are setting up a non-wpmu WordPress membership site with a client and we are running into some big issues with the membership plugin that are stopping us from opening the website.

We have been reading through the Membership pdf guide, but so far it hasn't solved our problem.

First off, our goal is to have a website that if you are logged out you can't access anything except for our custom registration page (which is set as the protected content page), login and lost password pages (which we created through the wp plugin "Theme My Login") and if you are logged in then you can see whatever the access level attached to your active subscription plan allows you to see.

We have 3 subscription plans:
- Plan 1 (free plan)
- Plan 2 (free plan)
- Plan 3 (paid plan, yearly subscription)

All three subscription plans have an access level attached to them.

Our issue is that the buttons/pricing detail for the subscription plans aren't appearing when you are already on a plan, it won't let users change their current plan. If you are a new user and you register and then go to the page (which we have set-up with the membership short-code) the subscription button and the upgrade buttons appear where they should, but if you are already on a plan they don't appear at all.

We are not sure what is causing this and we are having a hard time fixing it, we have also been through the forums reading about other people having the same issue and trying to find a solution. Can someone help us out?

The site is currently under construction but I can email some test login details for someone to see how it is set up.

Best Regards,

Smart Site 4u