Membership - user can't access site after sign in - black site page


We're in the process of setting up a new membership site using v1.0.5. and WP 3.1. We followed the setup instructions closely. However, after setting up our member levels, subscriptions and gateway (paypal) we ran a mock, but live, run for a subscription and ran into a problem. A problem I don't have the knowledge to troubleshoot - so any help would be appreciated!

New user goes through registration, pays, signs in, accesses backend dashboard but cannot access the site - instead of viewing the site they see a BLACK screen.

I've attached some screen shots of the black screen the new user sees and our rather simple membership setup on the backend. (*We have 7 member levels, and 7 subscriptions but for the mock run we only activated one member level and one subscription level.)

If any further information is needed to assess let me know and I'll provide it. Hungry to fix this.

Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

  • BDA4
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    Oops, my images are large - sorry. Here's two that didn't make the original post due to size - 1) the user's backend, and 2) the "black page' they sign into.

    I can upload images of my setup if necessary but I'll wait until requested to keep things less messy.

    Thanks again!

  • BDA4
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    My problem remains unresolved. :slight_frown:

    Would anybody care to comment? I have populated, finally, a debug.log and would like someone to help me interpret... is it proper and safe to post a screen shot to this thread?

    Any help would be great. Thanks,


  • DavidM
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    Hi there BDA4,

    Things run a bit slower here on the weekends, but let's see about getting this resolved for you! To start with, screenshots are always welcome regarding these types of situations as Membership is quite a complex plugin with lots of settings.

    That said, could you let me know if under Membership > Edit Options your shortcodes are set to Visible by default? And if not, could you try setting it there and letting us know how that works for you?


  • BDA4
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    Hi David, thanks for your reply!

    We're working on setting up the functionality side of our new site and still stuck on this problem - subscriber signs in to back end fine but comes to a BLACK main site (front end). [See the above screenshots to view the BLACK front end]. At this point, both the Admin User and Free User are good, it's just the subscriber issue.

    As per your request, our shortcodes in Edit -> Options have always been set to 'visible by default'. So no dice there :slight_frown:

    I'll post some screen shots of our Membership set up and recent error.log below. Hopefully you can make something of it - it's quite possibly a simple answer as I'm new to the Membership/WPMU and Wordpress sphere.

    (*You'll notice that we've set up 7 member levels and 7 subscriptions but only activated 1 of each. This was done for a live payment gateway trial run - all appears good for payment gateway functionality. Ultimately we'll set up all 7 member levels and 7 subscriptions. Our plan is to control member content through the member levels using pages drag and drop.)

    Thanks for any help you can offer!


  • Mason
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    Hiya BDA4,

    Looks like we potentially have a few issues going on here. Your error logs help - however, there seems to be a few things to sort out before we can really troubleshoot the membership plugin.

    Three suggestions, based on your error logs:
    1. Deactivate and remove the all-in-one-seo plugin. We can try re-installing it down the road.
    2. Try manually over-riding your core WordPress files via FTP. It's possible an auto-upgrade went bad here. At the very least I'd overwrite all files in the wp-includes folder with ones from a new download.
    3. Finally, let's upgrade the membership plugin to the 1.1 Beta on this thread:

    The file in step #3 is only a beta in the sense that more features are to be added before the final release.

    Once these three steps are complete - let's take another look at your error logs. Keep us updated and we'll do our best to help ya get this sorted quickly.


  • BDA4
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    Hi masonjames, thanks for your response.

    I'm a little concerned that I need to rework WP 3.1 files so much. A few questions:

    a) There has never been an 'auto-upgrade' of my WP files - I started out with WP 3.1 from a dreamhost one-click install. This site is very new. Would the WP file problem be connected with a 'one-click install' rather than 'auto-upgrade'?

    b) What exactly are the "core files" you refer to in Step #2?

    c) I'm not a developer/designer - obviously :slight_smile: Thus, I've never "over-ridden" or "over-written" files before - any advice on where to locate directions? To make this as pain free as possible for the uninitiated?

    d) Does it matter what order I perform your recommended steps?

    Thanks again and look forward to getting this problem nixed.


  • Mason
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    Hiya BDA4,

    No worries. Didn't meant to overwhelm ya here :slight_smile:

    The things I've recommended above, though, are definitely things that would be good to know - especially when deciding to run an online service like a membership site. WordPress is 'server level' software. Though great pains have been made to make it very accessible and easy to use, it is still important to know how to do things more 'manually'.

    One of the primary examples of this is things like the dreamhost "one-click" install. These are known to cause issues. I'd never recommend someone install WordPress this way. Now, where does that leave you? Well, a manual install really isn't all that complicated. :slight_smile:

    We have some manuals setup for learning to do exactly that:

    Here's a list of our beginner's manuals actually:

    When I refer to core files - I'm referring to the required files for WordPress to function - not something that would be considered a plugin or theme.

    Hopefully, the manuals above will provide you with some guidance on the FTP side of things too. When working with WordPress FTP is your new best friend :slight_smile: Everything can be re-installed, overwritten, removed manually through FTP. If you're site were to ever go down, you'll need to be able to login via FTP and make manual changes in order to fix the problem.

    Finally, I would recommend following the steps in the order I presented. :slight_smile:

    In an ideal world of course, everything would just work and one-click installs would always work correctly and you'd never have to dive into any of this - but of course, that never happens so having a good working knowledge of your platform will be a big benefit to you as you pursue this site.

    Let us know, we're here to help. Also, I run an hour-long beginner's chat every Tuesday at 10AM EST. Feel free to stop in sometime if you want some help walking through any of this.


  • BDA4
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    Hi masonjames,
    Thanks again for your replies,

    Thanks for the links to those manuals - I definitely like filezilla :slight_smile: If I could return to my Wordpress beginnings I'd definitely do a manual install and use filezilla from the outset! It would have led to a better foundation for dealing with WP. However, I went for the 'one-click' install :wink: It's not like I'm lazy or anything, lol, take a look at the first paragraph of the download page - they suggest the 'one-click'! To this point I'd been using the "ftp webclient" provided by my webhost (dreamhost) but it pales in comparison to filezilla.

    That aside, good news - after completing the 3 steps you recommended above my problem seems to be solved.

    Completed Steps:
    1. Deactivate and remove the all-in-one-seo plugin. (via filezilla)
    2. Overwrote all files in the wp-includes folder with ones from the new WP 3.1.1 download. (via filezilla)
    3. Upgraded the Membership plugin to 1.1 Beta (via filezilla)

    However, my error.log page is populating a ridiculous amount of errors - over +1000 today alone ... I've posted some screenshots below. Many of the errors are repetitive and continue to refer to the membership plugin files and wp-includes files. Do you recommend any further steps?

    Thanks for helping :slight_smile:


  • Mason
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    Hiya BDA4,

    w00t! Glad to hear it's working! :slight_smile:

    Bummer about all these errors. Some of these are just notices that we can ignore. Have you tried setting up your levels and subscriptions yet?

    Let's see if we run into any errors as you set up the plugin and I'll ask Barry if he has any ideas on those specific error messages.


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