Membership - User Registration Question

I'm seeing something weird with the Membership plugin.

When a user tries to register on a subsite with the Membership plugin installed, if that user already exists at the top level multi-site, the registration fails - "That email address is already taken sorry"

It seems to me that if the user already exists on the multi-site then they should be assigned to the membership site rather than having the registration fail.

They way is currently works, if someone is a customer on our blog network, they cannot sign up to another customers membership site.

Make sense?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    This is because you don't have Membership setup to share Global Tables (i am guessing)... which means that each site does not recognize the membership settings on every other site. They are all separate instances that rely on separate database tables from membership to get their rules.

    If you wanted Membership to have Global tables, meaning all subsites would share the same rules, then you'd need to enable that option.

    See the end of the Membership usage Manual: (starting on pg 75)

    Network Only Settings:
    define( 'MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_TABLES', false);
    If you want to install membership network wide whilst offering subscriptions across your
    network then you may set the Global Tables to true. By default it is false. (If each site is
    independent, and has its own admins/owners then leave this as false)
    Membership 3.0 Documentation Page 76 Of 79
    When enabling global tables you can also set the main site by ID. In most cases this will be the first
    site within your network which by default is 1
    This allows you to restrict all Addons to Super Administrators.

    Would this be the functionality you were hoping to have?


  • Jennifer
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    Close, but not quite.

    I do not want a member on one site to be a member on another site or even the top level site.

    What I want is for the registration not to fail if the user exists at the top level site.

    Registrations SHOULD be specific to each individual sub-site.

    Here are a few more specifics...

    I have Membership installed at the network level (not network activated)
    Membership is activated for a specific sub-site
    I am a user at the top network level, but not a member of the subsite
    If I try to register as a member on the subsite, the registration fails - it should not fail because I am not a member yet.

    The membership plugin seems to be checking against the network level user list rather than the individual site member list. Make sense?

  • Kimberly
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    Sorry for the delay,

    The holidays have slowed things down here considerably, in addition to one of our support staffers off getting married :slight_smile:

    The behavior you are describing is actually default WP behavior, any subsite registration is recorded on the Network level. They don't all sync however, so that's where you run into the limiting of subscribing to multiple blogs on a single network.

    This would be something you'd have to manage manually or you can use a plugin like this



  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I don't have an issue with the default WP behavior. I'm fine with the user being created at the network level, but it seems to me that the Membership plugin should account for this.

    It should:
    1. Check for the user at the network level.
    2. If that user already exists at the network level, create the membership at the site level. (rather than fail as it does now)
    3. If that user does not exist at the netwrok level, create the member and then the membership. (as it does now)

    It seems a bit presumptuous to always assume that a new user needs to get created before the membership is created.

  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Kimberly - the last thing I want to do it sync all of my users!

    This has nothing to do with how WordPress handles registrations but how the Membership Plugin checks for existing users...

    What is the timeline for writing that code?

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