Membership-Using conditional logic to restrict content based on user factors

Hello, I’m wondering it it’s possible to use conditional logic to restrict access to content based on a user’s past actions.

More specifically, I’m developing a classifieds-type site and want to limit the number of listings a particular subscription level can create and post (in this case, to just 1 listing).

The listing is created as a custom post type. I’m thinking the most logical approach is to remove the “Create New Listing” link once a user has created their single listing. So I would need a conditional statement within the shortcode wrapping the link, one based on whether or not the user has created a listing. If yes, then the link disappears; if no, then the link is revealed.

I’m wondering if this is even possible, and if so, how to do it.

Or maybe you have a better suggestion to accomplish what I’m trying to achieve.


John Mac