Membership v1.0.5

Hi gang

Well, you asked and we listened, so I think we can call this release the "most wanted so far" edition.

Wordpress Membership plugin version 1.0.5 is now available from the usual location:

As well as a few bug fixes for issues that have been highlighted on this forum, I've added yet more hooks and filters to enable us to release a lot more add-ons over the coming weeks and months.

On top of that the main updates for this release are:

1. Included all current add-ons in the main package - all the add-ons we currently have available are included in the main zip file now and are installed by default.

2. Payment gateways - Mohanjith has done some fantastic work and developed new payment gateways for and 2checkout - they are listed in the payment gateways page.

3. Simple Invite codes - I've created and included a simple invites add-on that allows you to create a list of invites and only allow registrations that have the codes entered - it can be enabled via the membership options page.

4. Message widgets - I've added two widgets that allow you to display text (and html) on your site if the current user is either not logged in or not a member, or a member on a specific level / subscription. They will display nothing if the criteria isn't met, so you can add as many widgets as you want to a sidebar and, effectively, only the one relevant to the user will show.

5. Decide if a user account that doesn't complete a signup / pick a subscription should be deactivated or not - the default is to deactivate the account, there is a new option on the, well, options page that allows you to change that.