Membership V1.05 - Cannot access any editable field after successful setup

I set up Membership Premium 1.05 plugin (network activated) WP3.03 and BP 1.26 (BP is on a sub-domain). I have been able to add member levels, subscriptions, shortcodes etc (no gateways yet).

However, I cannot edit users (change member level or subscription) using the admin dashboard.
I cannot access any subscriptions in registration process

in other words, I cannot get to any dropdown selection item.

The admin user name has been changed in membershippremium.php as per installation instructions.

Any clues or ideas, all help much appreciated.

BTW - when I add search criteria on this site (plugin Support) I always get a response of 'Search result for “whatever Keyword used”
No results found.'


  • Mason

    Hiya fredt,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV! :smiley:

    Let me get some clarification here. The membership admin menus are showing up (you've been able to create levels and subscriptions and such) but when you specifically go to the members>edit screen you're not able to make any changes?

    You should be able to see several options when you hover over the member username. You can edit, deactivate or add/remove the member to various subscriptions and levels. What happens when you attempt any of these things?

    Are you seeing any javascript errors on the page in admin or is there anything in your server error logs? Those are always my first go-to places to check when trying to sort an issue like this.

    Also, the forum issue is a known bug we're working on right now. We've made some modifications to the server setup recently to help with the load times, but that seems to have become a problem. We're working to get it sorted (and may have done so by the time you've read this post).


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