Membership Version prevents seeing bbpress in admin UI

I recently upgraded to Version Membership Pro. Now, as an admin I can't see the Forums (bbpress Version 2.5.5 ) link in the left hand side of admin UI. If I try to browse directly, I get an error.

If I deactivate the membership plugin, I can see the forums link

I'm an admin /super user. Do I need to have a subscription or access level assigned to my admin account?

Also, tried repairing the membership table.


P.S. That admin account is listed as keymaster for bbpress.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Van,

    Hope you're well?

    As a super-admin you should have access to everything.

    Can I ask if you have the main menu's rule added to any of your access levels? as this will allow you to prevent access to specific menu items, but that shouldn't affect you if you're super-admin

    Could you try deactivating membership, & BP/BBPress

    Then activate membership plugin again.

    Once done, activate Buddypress/bbpress plugins, see if that helps. (Your settings will be fine)

    Failing that, could you grant support access from the dashboard plugin so we can take a closer look? See


    • Van
      • WPMU DEV Initiate

      Hi Vaughn,

      I have this unchecked:
      Apply rules to site home/front page

      And this checked:
      Cascade Page Rules

      I tried toggling the activation. I turned off membership, bbpress and buddy press. Then I turned just membership on, then buddyypress, then bbpress. Same result where I didn't see forums link. If I deactivate membership, I see bbpress link.

      This is my dev box, and I don' t have it configured to be accessed from the outside. I don't think I can give you support access. I can set up a webex and let you drive?

      Any other configuration that may the issue? Are there any db settings that I should see for the admin account?


  • Van
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    I downgraded my membership plugin to the lite (free) version, and the forum side link re-appeared. If I added the full pro back, the forum link disappears and I get the access denied if I try to browse directly to a protect forum admin-type page.

    Is there a known bug here? Are you able replicate with the versions of Membership and bbPress that I provided?


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