Membership visitor settings not working

I ahve setup the membership plugin and have created a visitor and coach access level. The visitor has restricted access to a page by adding the page to the negative rules.

When I go to see the page as a visitor. I can still see the page. If I add a menu item in the same negative rule, then this menu item is not shown which is correct functionality.

So the plugin is working for menu items but not pages.

What am I missing?

  • miggitty
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Paul,

    THanks for the feedback. I reinstalled wordpress again and it is now working. Not sure what the problem was.

    I do have another problem. I have set up the free registration process using the free subscriptions gateway and set the registration complete page to a page I made called “My-Profile”. But when a new user signs up I get the following message on the registration page “You currently have a subscription for the Coach subscription. If you wish to sign up a different subscription then you can do below.”

    The URL for that page is http://localhost:8888/spot/register/?action=registeruser&subscription=1

    When I click on another page the new user is now signed in. It is not sending the user to the “My-Profile” page.

    I deactivated the free gateway and activated the first paypal gateway, set it up for a free subscription and I got the same functionality. I then made the subscription cost $50, but I got the exact same functionality, and was not sent off to paypal to pay for the subscription. Actually there was not even a price listed for the subscription on the registration page.

    I then used the second paypal gateway provided and got the exact same results as the first.

    So now not only is it not directing me to my post registration page, I cannot charge for the subscription.

    I am stuck again.

  • Paul Barthmaier
    • Code Wrangler

    Hi there,

    The browser probably thinks it’s you. Are you sure you are logged out when you try to sign up? That is, if you are logged in and you get to that page, it thinks you want to change your subscription. I think you’re doing things correctly from what I hear, you just need to be careful that you are sure to be logged out when testing the process.

    Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes.



    Hakan’s Hint: No need to edit your style.css to make change appointment pages. Add your custom css to Additional CSS Rules setting of A+.

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