Membership vs Pro-Sites For Paid Multisite Network

Hi there,

I am wondering what your opinion is on using Membership instead of Pro-Sites for a paid blogging network. What do you think the pro's and con's are?

I have played around with Pro-Sites quite a bit in the past couple months. The site I plan on creating won't have a DIY sign-up, instead I plan on having the users fill out a form as sort of an "application" to sign up, then I set the site up.

I feel the whole Pro-Sites payment/checkout system is very out-dated and know that with membership I would be able to make a custom pricing table then link each column directly to the associated membership level.

With Pro Sites I can restrict plugins which is handy; however, I plan to take the plugins option completely off the dashboard menu for all admins except myself.

I am just starting to play around with membership now but wanted to see what your opinion was on using Membership as an alternative to Pro-Sites?

Look forward to the replies!