Membership vs Supporter? Confused

I'm a little confused about Membership vs. Supporter. They seem to be both membership plugins. I understand Supporter adds extra theme and plugin access, while Membership adds different downloads and such, but it seems like they're both sides of the same problem.

If a user buys a membership, does he also have to do a different purchase for supporter? I guess I don't really get it. Please clarify.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    There is a lot of confusion about this:

    Supporter allows you to upgrade blogs, and you pay for each blog you upgrade. Which user pays makes no difference. All it's features are for blogs. But few uderstood this and tried to use it as a membership plugin.

    Membership is tied to users. It allows you to limit access to certain users with multiple levels. Usually that is used for limiting access to content, like pages, posts, categories, downloads, etc. And soon BP community features.

    It would make perfect sense to use them together.

  • kingdomtools
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    if you use them together, how do you manage the payment? Or do you charge for one and then manually adjust the other?

    I have a BuddyPress site as the top level, but am only intending as using it as a social area for the blog subscribers, while controlling the actual functionality of their blogs through subscription. So, if they are a "supporter" I guess they would get membership. Do these plugins talk to each other, or can you daisychain/waterfall them?

  • wpcdn
    • Syntax Hero

    Think of it this way:

    Supporter allows people to have blogs. Users are paying for the ability to have their own site, add their own content, etc.

    Membership allows you to charge for reading content on a blog. Users are paying to see a certain article, category, etc.

    There probably aren't too many usage scenarios where you'd want both...charging people to create blogs and to read them.



  • kingdomtools
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ah... ok. So I need to uninstall Membership (not necessary) and install Supporter. This makes sense. You might want to consider putting up a flow of "best practice" or "case study" installs. maybe have a forum section where members post up WHAT their network is designed to do, and WHICH plugins they are using so we can take a roadmap from them.

    Cheers, T

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