Membership with 2 different options?

Ok, so im not sure if this is possible or not, (seems simple enough) but I would like to offer 4 different membership levels.

1. Free
2. Individual with MONTHLY - OR - YEARLY options
3. Business with MONTHLY - OR - YEARLY options
4. Corporate with MONTHLY - OR - YEARLY options

how can I set this up?

  • Alexander

    Hi @Christine,

    Sure, no problem. First, you'll want to create a total of 5 access levels.

    Create one access level for each of your membership options above, and create an additional one called "visitor" or "guest" Then setup these rules to allow content access as you require.

    Next, create 7 subscription levels. You'll need one for free, and 2 for each of the other options. Unfortunately you can't have monthly/yearly options within the same subscription, so you'll need to create one subscription for monthly, and one for yearly, and do this for each membership level you offer.

    Best regards,

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