membership working on multiple installs (not WPMU)

Hi. I have a funny theme. It’s really cool, but has some limitation in functionality. I would like to create paid membership sections in it and am wondering if I can have one membership plug in controlling the HOME page or root install directory of a website, that install being a sub directory of the main site.

The main issue is that videos continue to play automatically on the home page, but not sub pages.

Here is what I am working on. and

I am considering making the subdirectory a new install with more content.

  • Vaughan
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    Hi @omnisapien

    I’m a little confused. Those links, are they 2 seperate wordpress sites?

    You would need to install membership on each site, which would mean 2 seperate subscriptions required.

    The only way you could have membership plugin controlling access to both would be to create a multisite.

    Once on multisite, you can protect pages, or even protect specific URL groups by entering the URLS & use regex to control access to sub sites of each. But if you protect your home page, then visitors will not be able to view it.

    Hope this helps.

  • omnisapien
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    Yes that did help.

    I can make it WPMU style, install the theme and have a secondary HOME page in the subdirectory and there I am.


    Thanks for the insight.

    PS, that site is curently one a single WP install.

    I have not really figured out how to MU that site becuase it has 2 required plug ins, and I can not figure out how to acrtivate plug ins in child sites of the main site.

    Know of a quick short list style of walk through of WPMU that covers that?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @omnisapien,

    If you want to activate a site just on a subsite & not for the whole network, you just install the the plugin via the network dashboard, But do not network activate the plugin. If a plugin is not network activated, then it should be available in the sub (child sites) plugins page, you can then activate it just on that site.

    Network activated plugins will be automatically activated on all sites in the network, You will not see network activated plugins in the plugins page on each subsite, but you will see them in the dashboard if they have dashboard settings.

    Note some plugins designed for networks behave differently on a network than they do on a single site.

    Hope this helps.

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