Membership & wp-Ecommerce (getshopped) conflict?


We love some of the plugins you guys use – and your membership plugin is the nuts! :slight_smile:


Im ripping my hair out trying to get it set up right..

I have a few questions that would help me get things working right;

1) Can it be set to NOT show child pages of a protected parent? My client has about 300 pages and if i could just secure the “members” page it would help a lot!

I tried it, but when searching you can see the child pages and access them…

2) We have wp-ecommerce running along side (dont ask!) and it seems that when logged in under certain member levels the shop categories DONT show..

I log out (so im guest again) and they show!

I really need help with this, ive spent a lot of time trying to figure it out, the whole site has been stripped down and re-built like 3 times now…

I can provide FTP if required

Link below, change XX to tt of course..




Thanks in advance!