Membership & wpaudio plug-in issue


I'm using the membership plug-in in combination with the wpaudio plug--in for a music site.

I've created 2 member levels and have a shortcode called [public] and wrapped a set of songs with downloads disabled in the wpaudio shortcode. I have another set of songs wrapped in a [member] shortcode with downloads enabled.

I got this system to work fine on this page:
This page displays 24 songs in the [public] view and 24 songs in the [member] view.

On this page I want to have 32 songs (16 for members and 16 for public), but for some reason I can only have 28 songs (16 for members and 12 for public) in my code.

When I add the 29th song in the code and then view the page, all of the content of the page disappears except for the title. This happens in both the logged in and non-logged in view. If I remove the 29th song, everything returns to normal.

I do have content on the page (the descriptive text paragraphs) that are not wrapped in either the [public] or [member] shortcodes.

I am also hosting the mp3s not in the database, but in my amazon s3 account.

Any thoughts?


  • Mason
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    Hiya Sid,

    That is indeed a bazaar issue. I checked out your link above and saw 12 links as a guest which is what you described.

    When I add the 29th song in the code and then view the page, all of the content of the page disappears except for the title.

    Does the content only disappear on the display? In other words, it's still actually in your post in the admin area, just not displaying?

    My only guess is that something in the code your implementing is not working. Have you looked at the page (when it's not working) with firebug to see if the content is actually being loaded?

    Also, what other plugins are you running? Try adding the tracks back in, but only have membership and wpaudio running as plugins.

    And just to be sure, you have the most updated (1.0.2) version of the plugin, correct?

    Thanks. Hopefully we can help you get this sorted!

  • fortknox
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    Thanks for getting back to me! I have some more info, which may help.

    The content is only disappearing on the display when I am a super admin.
    I created a test user with member privileges and the content displays fine.
    Also, when the page is viewed by a non-logged in user, the page displays correctly.

    I tried adding additional pages with a similar page layout and have found that when I am logged in as a super admin, the content is not displayed (except for the page title) on all the new pages in the music catalog menu.

    For some reason, as a super admin I can see the content with all of the shortcodes:
    When I try adding the 29th song the page only displays the title like the other new pages I just made.

    So it seems like for regular members and non-members the page displays correctly, but as a super admin the content does not display when I hit the 'view page' button. I can still see the content in the admin area fine.

    I am using the latest membership plug-in 1.0.2 and have the wp audio membership add-on installed in the membership plug-ins folder.
    I have made the admin a 'member' in the 'edit members' menu.

    In the 'member' level I have a check next to my [member] shortcode and next to the [wpaudio] shortcode. I also tried adding the plug-ins list in the member level and have a check next to the the wpaudio plug-in to see if that made a difference, but the page still does not display as a super admin, but works fine for other member levels.

    I have a wpmu installation and have only activated the membership plug-in on this one site, not on all the wpmu sites.

    Let me know if this new info gives you any new clues of what may be happening.


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