Membership - WSJ Style

I'm using membership on our newspaper website that's about to offer paid access to content in a similar way that the Wall Street Journal does. Some content will be free and some will paid via the more tag.

Thanks to some awesome work by Mohanjith I got the 2checkout gateway working well.

There's three more features that I'm hoping I can get some help with.

1. On the home page, I'd like to indicate which stories are paid and which are free. WSJ uses a key icon next to the paid stories.

Is there way to do a check for whether the more tag exists in a post and if it does, display an icon.

2. We have about 60,000 posts and have never used the More Tag before. Is there a way to set the more tag on posts that are already published. Since some whole categories will be free, setting the more tag will need to selective. eg.. Only News category should have more tag,Opinion category should not.

3. On the article pages for paid stories I know can set what appears to non-subscribers AFTER the more tag. But how can I set a message that appears above the Article Title to non-subscribers indicating that this is a paid only article and they must sign-up or sign-in.