Membership2 recurring not supported ?


I tried move from membership to protected content for one of my sites but I was never able to get recurring moved over, even got some help here and tried make new membership and move all my members to the new membership... never got it to work so I moved back to membership pro.... ALL WORKS!

Now on a another site I am trying to move my members to membership2... so I got the good idea of reading the manual.

If you’re planning on accepting recurring subscription payments, you’ll need to use either PayPal Standard or Stripe Subscriptions to manage the payments.

Why is not supported for recurring payments? It worked in Membership Pro why not in Membership2

I spent so much time trying to fix the other site and it made a complete mess for me to fix it and revert back to Membership Pro from Protected Content. I am a little shocked and having hard time understanding why is not supported any more for recurring payments.

I do want to say that I am very impressed with Membership2 and I hope I will be able to get recurring payments working somehow without having to change my credit card processing.

Thank you!