Membership2 emails and HTML Email Templates

My Membership2 emails seem unaffected by the HTML Email Templates plugin. I've configured a template that is working for system emails, and I've also checked the "Modify HTML Emails" box within the plugin, but my Membership2 emails are still going out plain, with no theme/branding.

Do these plug-ins not work together? Is there something I can do to make my Membership2 automated emails more attractive?

  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi Erica

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    HTML Email Templates won't directly modify Membership 2 Pro emails but I've a workaround for you. Go to "Dashboard > Settings > HTML Email Templates" and select a template you love. Then copy the full content of that template. Please check the attached screenshot for reference. Then go to "Dashboard > Membership 2 > Settings > Automated Email Responses" and paste the content in the email content area. Now put your variables in your desired place inside the code. Please check the attached screenshot for reference.
    Please NOTE:
    # Before you paste, make sure you take a backup of the previous email template because you will need variables like "%ms-account-page-url%" , "%ms-invoice%" etc.
    # Select HTML editor instead of Visual editor while working with Membership 2 Email Content.

    Please let us know if you have any confusion. We will be glad to help further.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Erica
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I did this, and I ended up with an email double wrapped in the HTML template. I reverted back to the previous email template, and now it's just wrapping all of my emails normally. So suddenly it does seem to be able to apply HTML Email Templates to all of the Membership2 automated emails, without any additional work on my part, which is really confusing to me, as I don't know why this would suddenly start working...

    • Erica
      • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

      Yes, I'm pretty sure it's a caching issue. I think this is the order of what happened:
      - I followed the advice above and added the wrapper to one of the default emails
      - It didn't show up correctly in the editor when I saved (looked like it reverted), but I triggered a test send, and it arrived in my inbox nested/double wrapped in the template
      - I realized it was probably a caching issue with the changes not looking saved, so I disabled all caching
      - I deleted the wrapper from the one default email I had edited (it showed up after I turned off caching)
      - I triggered that and other emails as a test, and all of them were behaving as desired (just singly wrapped)

      So I'm mostly confused why I would ever need to use Rupok's workaround (even though it's great to know I can if I need to). It seems like HTML Email Templates actually can modify Membership2 emails, and does when there's not a caching issue. I think the issue was that I turned on caching before I checked the box for "Modify HTML Emails" within the HTML Email Templates plugin.

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