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I’ve installed a social network theme at This provides a professional member profile, a basic mechanism for $ signing up etc.

I want to develop more advanced membership features, for example a membership level that lets you attend events, otherwise you pay for a ticket per event.

1) Is there a combination of WPMU modules that would cater for this, eg Membership2 + xyz.

2) What type of integration with the existing features would I need to consider, and how to go about them?

thanks! Neil.

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Neil McEvoy,

    hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

    This can be done with our Membership 2 Pro and Events+ plugins.

    When you install and activate these two, you can create a membership level in Membership 2 Pro settings.

    Then you can create a event and assign a default ticket price on it.

    Finally and most importantly for you, there's an add-on in Events+ which can be found in Events -> Settings -> Add-ons called "Membership 2 Integration" (Allows Events+ to Integrate with our Membership 2 plugin, so that members can receive a alternative fee for paid events)

    Here's an example in a local site of mine, where I set two separate prices for my two membership levels, apart from default event price (for members that's not part of any membership):

    As Events+ provides Paypal as they only payment gateway, you can surpass this using our MarketPress plugin and the "Payments via MarketPress Products" add-on in Events+. :wink:

    Hope that was some help let us know if further assistance is required here!

    Warm regards,


  • Neil McEvoy
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    Hi Dimistris

    Yes that answered my question perfectly thanks.

    So my next question and first main action is to figure out how to overlay / overwrite the existing membership system.

    The theme itself comes with its own simple system: You create a ‘Package’ for Professional or Company membership, and this then relates to the theme design, ie all the Professionals are on the member page etc.

    This creates a ‘Professional’ Role, so I’m wondering if I can overwrite the membership functions, by having one M2 membership that also creates the ‘Professional’ Role etc.

    It also does basic access control, ie Company’s can post x5 Jobs.

    I like the theme design sections, for Professionals, Jobs, Logins/register etc., but I’d like to avoid a big theme integration project if possible.

    Cheers and thanks much in advance for your help.


  • Dimitris
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    Hello Neil,

    hope all is good for you today! :slight_smile:

    This will need some custom development, so you can automatically assign a Membership 2 Pro level in user upon registration, based on the role they're getting from theme.

    Our plugin provides an API which makes things easier. You can find the complete documentation, after installing and activating the plugin, in Membership 2 -> Help -> API docs (or in

    Here's another similar example, on how to add a membership level upon registration (keep in mind that the user_register() maybe changed with an action coming from the theme you use (better advise theme author about it)

    Hope that was some help! Please keep in mind that this kind of implementation surpasses the scope of our support, you can advise our jobs board page though, Jobs & Pros, if you need to hire a developer to build this for you.

    Warm regards,


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