Membership2 - Simultaneous logins with same user account possible?

Hi, I have a need to use a single membership for multiple 'users'.
The requirement is for a single subscription to the sites content to cover multiple user access. The simplest solution, for us, we thing? is to have a single user account and distribute this to all users to gain access.
My only concern with this is a conflict within wordpress, when a user tries to access the same page/content? Will wordpress allow multiple simultaneous logins for the same 'user' account? Or will is block a second login? (I understand it has editing control in place, but users of this type are not editing pages, just accessing restricted content of course.
Thanks for your advice.

If you're aware of a way to configure the plugin so a single membership can allow multiple sub users to be 'nested' under it and gain access, this would be helpful.