Buttons :-(

Alrighty. Here’s what we’re running:

WordPress 3.5.1, Multisite

Membership with s the active, live gateway.

Here’s what broken: No subscribe button.

If I select PayPal as the gateway, then the subscribe button is present.

I’ve set the subscription level to finite, simply to test, with no luck.

I’ve also reset both the account and the API login transaction key.

We also have MarketPress installed; that one’s working fine, so it seems as though the may be now requiring some sort of validation requiring an authenticated Automated Recurring Billing handshake?

You prolly already have it, but let me lay this on ya anyhoo:

OK. Love you. Love your stuff. (that’s what SHE said…:wink:

Please help. This was all working just fine before and the only changes were to update WP and Membership.