Membership's Access Levels "main rules" problem with categories

In the Membership plugin’s Access Levels section, under “Main Rules” my “categories” lists some but not all of my WP site’s main non-parent categories, but also mistakenly lists many non-parent categories. As you might expect, this is causing categories on my website to vanish for some, but not all Access Levels. How can I fix?

  • Patrick
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    Hi @sdbtech18

    Welcome to the forums!

    Odd, intermittent displays like that sounds like a conflict with another plugin/script on your site.

    Try basic troubleshooting protocol as follows:

    Revert to the default Twenty-Eleven theme and deactivate all other plugins. Is the problem still there? If yes, then something likely went wrong with the plugin install, or (heaven forbid) with your installation of WordPress :slight_smile: Try deleting the plugin and re-installing.

    If the issue is no longer present, reactivate your theme. Does the issue re-appear? If yes, theme conflict.

    If the issue still does not re-appear, re-activate plugins one by one until it does and you find the conflicting plugin.

    Once we’ve zeroed in on whatever may be the cause of your issue, we’ll be better equipped to deal with it.

  • SDBTech18
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    I reinstalled Membership from the WPMUDEV dashboard, deactivated all plugins, activated all of them and opened Mmebership Levels again. I misstated, my problem. The issue is with menu (not categories). I have 7 top menu items on my site, but the Menu list in the plugin lists 6 of them. In place of the 7th menu item, it lists three of that top menu item’s sub-menus.

  • SDBTech18
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    Nothing’s working. I created a new top category, deleting the old one that didn’t appear on the Membership menu list and designating this new category as the new “parent” of the subcategories that are appearing incorrectly in the Membership menu list. I deleted the old Membership plugin, downloaded a new one from WPMU and installed it. Amazingly, the newly installed plugin remembered everything, including the incorrect menu items. What now? I’m at a dead end.

  • SDBTech18
    • New Recruit

    I did everything you suggested. I reverted to the default Twenty-Eleven theme and deactivated all other plugins.

    The problem is still there.

    I deleted the Membership Premium plugin and reinstalled it. Nothing changed – the problem is unchanged.

    I’m running WP 3.5.1 and have had no problems until I installed Membership Premium.

    The problem is not my WP.

    I repeat, what now?

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